Real Estate Courses

If you are considering becoming a real estate agent and so are wondering which courses to take, you probably won’t find any and the reason for that is that there not any formal courses that you need to take prior to becoming an estate agent. Usually an agency will hire people that just have a good knowledge of numbers, perhaps experience in customer service and are honest.

The agency will then train their new staff member in the aspects of the business they wish them to know. A reasonable starting salary for one of these new comers to the business is around £12,000 per year, increasing of course as they gain experience and knowledge.

Although it may not be expected for a newcomer to have taken any specialist courses before joining the agency, they may be expected to take some distance learning courses offered by either the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFoPP) or the National Association of Estate Agents to improve their competency.

Once an agent is fully qualified and well experienced, they can hope to make somewhere in the region of between £20,000 and £30,000 per year but in areas where housing prices are higher, that figure could be as high as £12,000. Although there are 3 categories of real estate, there are in fact 4 areas in which agents could be employed.

The 3 categories of real estate are residential real estate, commercial real estate and industrial real estate and the forth area in which they could also be employed is in property management.

Residential real estate is any property that is considered to be residential in nature and can include either detached or semi-detached houses, apartments or even condominiums.

Commercial real estate includes office blocks, shops, garages and hotels, in fact most properties which include a place of business or a facilities to allow a business to operate. Industrial real estate is the name given to properties that include farms, mines or manufacturing plants.

When an agent is asked to specialize in one of these categories, they will be expected to keep up with any changes in laws and by-laws that may affect the sales of those types of real estate. The forth position an estate agent may be employed in is as a property manager.

When a property investor buys a property with the intention of renting it to tenants, they will often hire an estate agency to be that property’s manager. This will entail the collection of rents, arranging and supervising any maintenance the property may need from time to time and basically look after the owner’s general interests as far as that building is concerned.

Some of the available distance learning courses are specifically designed for each of these different tasks and so an agent should be careful to take the appropriate course if they intend to specialize in any one particular aspect of the business. As to whether or not an agent receives a commission as well as a salary, is very much up to the agency which employs them.

There are however the less formal routes that an agent can go down to improve. For an agent to differentiate themselves in the market place. They could learn seo for estate agents. This would allow them to attempt to conquer the online market in their area.

Real Estate: Get out the Mower, Clippers, and Gardening Gloves or Call the Lawn Crew

There are many areas of your home to consider when you are selling it. And if you are buying a new home, you can relate to just ho important curb appeal is when you are out looking at places. If you have a pool, you can keep its maintenance on this list, as well.

Even if you are listing and showing in autumn or winter seasons, there will still be gardening and lawn areas that have to be taken care of for the prospective customers. The lawn should never be over looked. Use this checklist to help you stay on top of things. You can give this list to the lawn crew if you use one or follow it if you are the lawn crew.

Checklist for the Lawn

Getting the Lawn Ready

-Give the flowerbed attention and weed if necessary

-Plant new flowers if the old ones are dying or sparse

-Check the planters for cracks if they are made from wood or plastic

-Take down any spider webs that have made the branches their homes

-Plant some bright flowers around the outside light pole if you have one and the season is appropriate

-Do not forget to add some potted plats near the front and back door if there is ample space

-Replace any cracked pots

-Trim bushes and trees, if necessary have a professional arborist come in and do the work for you

-Make sure any ivy or climbing plants are not out of control

-Knock down any hornet’s nests or insect homes

-Re-mulch needed areas and if you have gravel drive, make sure there is enough gravel and add if necessary

-If you have railroad ties, make sure they look fresh and stable

-Check the lawn for weeds and weed if necessary

-If you need to add new grass then do so immediately, a spotty lawn will not be attractive to anyone

-Fix any pool cracks and get it pressure cleaned

-Have the pool deck pressure cleaned as well

-Place some plants around the pool and place the chairs in a nice seating arrangement

-If the grill is on the pool deck, make sure it is clean and not rusty

-Repair any pool equipment that might be faulty or broken

-If there is a swing set, trampoline, clubhouse, or other similar item in the back yard, make sure it is neat and has a fresh coat of paint

Daily and Weekly Maintenance Lawn Duties

-Keep the lawn watered and mowed

-Keep the potted plants watered and looking neat

-Pull off dead buds

-If necessary, rake once a week

-If you have any big rains, get out and pick up the debris from the storms

-Keep the gutters free of debris

-If you have a pool, keep the pool free of leaves and debris and keep the area plants and foliage neat and trimmed

-Keep the pool water level up and keep toys out of the pool

A Real Estate Agent’s Salary

Although many people may think that real estate agents get very good pay; that isn’t always the case. Of course as with any profession, the salaries of estate agents vary from one to another and in the case of estate agents, from one agency to another. Of course also like other professions, an estate agent’s salary may depend on what part of the country they are situated.

In areas where property values are high, such as in central London, salaries may be higher than they are elsewhere in the country. Someone new to the estate agent business can therefore expect to earn a salary of somewhere between £12,000 and £16,000 only.

One of the reasons for this relatively low salary is that there are no formal qualifications especially needed to become an estate agent as most agencies prefer to provide their own ‘on the job training’.

Obviously though, as an agent gains experience and knowledge, they can expect their salaries to increase and many experienced estate agents earn between £25,000 and £35,000, perhaps even as much as £50,000 in the high property price areas.

To further their knowledge though, an estate agent does not have to rely solely on the on the job training they are provided by their agency, they can voluntarily take distance learning courses provided by the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFoPP).

For new estate agents these courses are for are called level 3 awards and the different courses provided are Sale of Residential Property, Residential Letting and Property Management, Commercial property Agency and Real property Auctioneering.

For the more experienced estate agents, the NFoPP courses include level 4 certifications in: Sale of Residential Property, Residential Letting and Property Management and Commercial Property Agency. Although both the level 3 and the level 4 courses have the same names, the level 4 courses include instruction in market appraisals and the legal aspects of property sales and letting.
Apart from these courses, the National Association of Estate Agents also offers some short courses to improve an estate agent’s knowledge and skills.

So much for how you can improve your career as an estate agent but if there are no formal qualifications needed to become one, what do you need to apply to become one?
Obviously it will be up to the particular estate agency which you apply to but in general terms, what the agencies are looking for are people with good ‘people skills’, perhaps experience in some form of customer service.

They will want to be assured that the applicant is honest and has good knowledge of math. On being accepted, an estate agent can reasonably expect to work a 35 to 40 hour week but some of those hours may be on weekends or holidays.

As to whether or not an agent earns commissions on any house sales they make; is once again dependent on the agency they work for but some of the more experienced estate agents certainly do earn commissions of varying sizes.